Essential Pistol Course with David Rawlings

This one-day course focuses on the essentials of safe gun-handling and also introduces the newer shooter to several defensive shooting topics, such as:

  • safely drawing from the holster
  • presenting the gun to the target
  • muzzle awareness in public
  • movement
  • reloading
  • using cover and concealment
  • safely re-holstering
  • transitioning to multiple targets
  • reliably clearing malfunctions
  • and more…

Also covered are the legal aspects of the use of deadly force and the realities and consequences of legal self defense, such as talking to the police. There are both written/range tests with accuracy standards for passing.


Equipment Requirements

  • The course of fire is 250 rounds. Participants are responsible for bringing ammunition.
  • 9mm loaner pistols are available on a first-come-first serve basis. To arrange this, please email:


Range Fee

HISR Members: $20

Non-Members: $30



If this will be your first time shooting at Hobbs Island Shooting Range, you must sign a waiver before your visit. This must be done online by following the appropriate link for either an adult waiver or a child waiver. The link will open a new tab when selected.


Dec 10 2022



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Instructor Inquiry

If you are an Instructor or a Training Organization that is interested in hosting a course at Hobbs Island Shooting Range, fill out the form below to receive more information about our policies and pricing.

Please include a description of the course you would like to host, as well as your relevant credentials.

Firearms Transfers

Transfer Fees

Members: $10/firearm

Non-Members: $25/firearm

Important Notes
  • We MUST receive your transferring dealer’s FFL. If we do not, there will be an additional $10 charge per item and your transfer WILL BE DELAYED.
  • When your item arrives, WE WILL CONTACT YOU. Please make sure your dealer includes your information in the shipment.
  • DO NOT COME IN without hearing from us. Doing so will delay the process for others and result in an additional charge.
  • If you are delayed or denied, you will still be responsible for the transfer fee at the time of the background check.
  • Hobbs Island Shooting Range WILL NOT TRANSFER a firearm of any kind without a current Alabama Driver’s License.
  • For HISR members, transfers for Class III items conducted without the use of Silencer Shop are available upon special request and start at $150.