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North Alabama's Premier Shooting Sports Complex

Hobbs Island Shooting Range offers complete beginners and advanced sharpshooters alike access to outdoor ranges from 25 yards to 375 yards, dedicated pistol bays, steel targets, and much more.  Our convenient location, just outside the Huntsville city limits, makes it easy to get range time whenever you want.

Why Choose Hobbs Island Shooting Range

When you join Hobbs Island Shooting Range, you gain access to a shooting sports complex that prioritizes safety, convenience, and value for all of its members. All aspects of the facility, from the size and engineering behind the berms, to the state of the art camera and security system, have been designed with your safety in mind. 

With three levels of membership and multiple ways to pay, you can select a membership that fits your unique needs, from short range training to long range marksmanship. All of this access comes with a convenient location just minutes away from the main city of Huntsville, AL, meaning you won’t have to drive for hours just to get in a little bit of range time.

Planning Your Visit is Easy

If you would like to come shoot with us, you’ll just need to follow three simple steps:

Step 1

Sign your waiver. This must be done online by following the appropriate link for either an adult waiver or a child waiver. The link will open a new tab when selected.

Step 2

After filling out your waiver, you must come to the Range Office to fill out a membership application. This must be done in person.

Step 3

Once your membership is set up and you have familiarized yourself with the range rules, it’s time to choose from one of our shooting areas and start shooting!

Upcoming Events

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