Hobbs Island Shooting Range is a Members Only Range. See below for the types of memberships we have available, and find one that fits your needs!

Membership plans can all be paid on a quarterly basis via ACH or on an annual basis via ACH or credit card. All new contracts will be for 1 year and will automatically renew unless we receive written notice to discontinue membership. Such notice must be received 30 days prior to the renewal date or the automatic renewal will process. We have no provisions for early termination of memberships.


$ 150 paid quarterly
  • Unlimited access to the Static Ranges
  • Invitations to Members-Only events
  • Discounted firearms transfer fees
  • Ability to bring guests for $40 per day per guest
  • Annual Pricing: $450/year


$ 250 paid quarterly
  • All Basic benefits plus:
  • Free use of the Pistol/Carbine Action Bays
  • Higher priority access to Action Bays
  • Ability to bring guests for $40 per day per guest
  • Annual Pricing: $760/year


$ 350 paid quarterly
  • All Silver & Basic benefits plus:
  • Free use of the Steel Park (subject to availability)
  • Highest priority access to Action Bays and Steel Park
  • One free firearm transfer per month
  • Ability to bring guests for $20 per day per guest
  • Annual Pricing: $1200/year

A spouse can be added to any membership plan for an additional $300 per year ($75 quarterly).

Dependent children are an additional $120 per year ($30 quarterly) per child, limited to those 12 – 19 years old.

All membership plans are annual commitments, regardless of if they are paid quarterly or annually.

Annual membership plans have a set-up fee of $40. Quarterly membership plans have a set-up fee of $80.

If any payment is rejected by your credit card/bank, you will be charged an additional $50.00 insufficient funds fee.


Prospective members should visit the Range Office to fill out an application, interview, and pay the set-up fee. Waitlisted individuals will be contacted as membership slots become available.

Current Estimated Waitlist: 3 weeks – 1 month

How to Join

Step 1

Sign a Waiver

If you would like to join, you will need to sign a waiver. This must be done online by following the appropriate link below. The link will open a new tab when selected.

Step 2

Visit the Range

After filling out your waiver, you must fill out a membership application in person. Visit the Range Office during open hours to complete this step.

Step 3

Start Shooting

Once your membership is set up and you have familiarized yourself with the range rules, it’s time to choose an area and start shooting!

Learn More About the Range

We offer complete beginners and advanced sharpshooters alike access to outdoor ranges from 25 yards to 380 yards, dedicated pistol bays, steel targets, and much more.

Saturday Special

Visit the HISR Range Store this Saturday to take advantage of this deal!

ONLY Available Saturday, June 15

Instructor Inquiry

If you are an Instructor or a Training Organization that is interested in hosting a course at Hobbs Island Shooting Range, fill out the form below to receive more information about our policies and pricing.

Please include a description of the course you would like to host, as well as your relevant credentials.

Firearms Transfers

Transfer Policies
  • HISR will not accept any transfer containing multiples of the same firearm/receiver
  • HISR will not conduct any transfer without a current Alabama driver’s license
  • HISR will not conduct any transfer for an out of state recipient
  • Private Party transfers will only be handled for HISR members and the seller MUST be present at time of transfer or include a copy of their license (if shipped)
  • If you are delayed, you will still be responsible for the transfer fee at the time of the background check.
  • If you are denied by NICS, you will be responsible for the transfer fee AND the cost to return the firearm
  • For HISR members, transfers for Class III items conducted without the use of Silencer Shop are available upon special request and start at $150.
Transfer Process
  • You MUST notify HISR in advance of any transfer by emailing
  • We MUST receive your transferring dealer’s FFL prior to the transfer of any firearm.
  • Transfers will be handled by appointment only.
  • Once your transfer has been initiated, please DO NOT CALL OR COME IN to check on the status of your transfer. Doing so will delay the process for others and result in an additional charge.
  • Once we process receipt of your transfer item(s), WE WILL CONTACT YOU to coordinate pick-up. Please make sure your dealer includes your information in the shipment.
  • Firearms will be kept without additional charge for five (5) days. A storage fee will be applied for each additional day.
Transfer Fees

Members: $10/item

Non-Members: $30/item